Extend your entertainment brand online.

Phoenix is a free-to-play social gaming platform that allows businesses to engage, entertain and market to their customers

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Easy to Use Platforms

Integrate Phoenix to your website painlessly. Run it standalone or use our minimal API set, depending on your needs.

Advertising, Branding and Customer Acquisition

Supercharge your brand by engaging your customers online and getting new ones! Get twice the engagement, additional online revenue via microtransactions and send customers back to your brick and mortar business.

Analytics that give you Insight

See how your platform is performing and how your increased web traffic is converting to revenue.

Phoenix Player Stats:

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of engagement and counting!

Benefits For Your Business

Advertise your products, services and events while your customers play. Players average 10 minutes per day on the platform…that’s better than TV and billboards per person combined!

Your entertainment portal is branded to your company. As your customers play, they develop very positive association with your brand, making it much more likely that they’ll return to your business time and time again.

Offer what your competition doesn’t! Increase your customer base and keep them loyal to your brand. Customers that engage with your brand online return to your brick and mortar business than those who don’t!

100+ Games, Desktop + Mobile


Need games that work on any platform? No problem. Phoenix offers a full HTML5 social casino and, if desired, full resolution flash games. Phoenix games are proven winners and are the perfect complement to your brand.

Here is a sample of just a few of our HTML5 games that will work on both desktop and mobile (although we provide higher resolution Flash assets for desktop upon request). Simply click on the game icons and enjoy!

Amazing Partnerships and Customers

Nuukster is proud to work with leaders in gaming and social media publishing. Our shared vision of excellence and customer success is what we live by!

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